Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training Course


Delegates should have knowledge of the topics from the Excel Introduction course. It is essential that they have an understanding of and are able to use simple calculations.


  • Manage multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Apply names to data and use the names in calculations
  • Link data between worksheets and workbooks
  • Identify formulas and use functions including IF and VLOOKUP
  • Work with dates
  • Discuss importing and copying data between applications
  • Utilise Excel’s database and filtering features
  • Apply conditional formatting techniques
  • Work with large data applying sorting, filtering, outlining and table features
  • Expand your knowledge of charts


Manage Multiple Worksheets / Workbooks
  • Freeze row/column headings
  • Split a worksheet to view different areas
  • View two worksheets/workbooks on the same screen
  • Grouping worksheets to enter data through multiple
  • Hid/unhide worksheets / workbooks
  • Navigation techniques
Naming Ranges
  • Define, change and use names
  • Using names in formulae
Linking Data
  • Linking data between worksheets and workbooks
  • Calculating across worksheets
  • Hyperlinks
  • Consolidate worksheets / workbooks
  • Edit workbook links
  • Refresher on key functions
  • Identifying & viewing formulas
  • IF using text and formulae in the results
  • Nested IF functions
  • IF in conjunction with AND/OR
Importing and Exporting
  • Import data from another program
  • Export to other programs
  • Copy and/or link Excel data into Word / PowerPoint
  • Separating data from one cell into different columns
Working with Dates
  • Date functions (TODAY, NOW)
  • Date and time formats
  • Using dates in calculations
Database, Filtering & Table Features
  • Sort & filter
  • Outline a spreadsheet
  • Creating & formatting a table
  • Using the Table Design ribbon
Charts Expanded
  • Add/removing data
  • Changing the chart elements
  • Formatting
  • Sparklines
  • Adding Trendlines
  • Combination charts
  • Creating a chart template
Conditional Formatting
  • Apply conditional formatting rules
  • Create custom formats

Topics not what you require? More information required? Contact us to discuss.

The topics in this course can be mixed and matched with Excel Introduction and/or Excel Advanced if required.


1 to 1 training: £299 per day
Each additional person: £40 per day

We come to you.  Courses take place at your offices.