Microsoft Excel Introduction Training Course

Course length – 1 day


There are no pre-requisites for this course apart from general computer knowledge.


  • Understanding the concept of spreadsheets
  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Working with different types of data
  • Formatting
  • Using calculations and statistical functions
  • Setting up a worksheet to print
  • Create charts / graphs
  • Manage multiple worksheets
  • Use the quick analysis feature

Topics detailed below:

Introducing Excel
  • The Excel screen
  • Using the ribbons, toolbar and backstage view
  • Worksheets and workbooks
  • Creating and saving workbooks
  • Zoom
  • Excel views
  • Help
 Working With Data
  • Entering, editing and deleting data
  • Text, numbers and dates
  • Opening and closing workbooks
  • Navigating around the workbook
  • Selecting data
  • Using undo and redo
  • Moving, copying, deleting, inserting and changing data
  • Inserting and deleting rows/columns
  • Filling data
  • Flash Fill (2013/2016)
  • Find and replace
  • Numbers, dates and text
  • Cell borders and shading
  • Changing the height and width of columns/rows
  • Using Format Painter
Manage Multiple Worksheets
  • Insert, delete, move, copy
  • Rename worksheets
  • Worksheet tab colours
Using Calculations & Functions
  • Simple calculations (plus, minus, multiply, divide)
  • Absolute and relative referencing
  • AutoCalculate
  • AutoSum
  • Common functions (AutoSum, Average, Max, Min, Count)
  • Moving and copying formulas
Setting Up A Worksheet To Print
  • Headers and footers
  • Paper size and orientation
  • Page breaks
  • Print preview
  • Page layout view
Create Charts
  • Inserting a chart
  • Changing the chart type
  • Formatting
Quick Analysis
  • Using the quick analysis option (2013/2016)

Topics not what you require? More information required? Contact us to discuss.

The topics in this course can be mixed and matched with Excel Intermediate and/or Excel Advanced if required.


1 to 1 training: £299 per day
Each additional person: £40 per day

We come to you.  Courses take place at your offices.