Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Training Course

Course length – 1 day


It is recommended that delegates have attended the Intermediate course or that they are confident with the topics contained on that course.


  • Work with templates, master and slide layouts
  • Use picture and drawing techniques
  • Place multimedia into your presentation
  • Set up slide shows with animation and transition effects
  • Collaborate with others
  • Integrate data with other applications
  • Customise PowerPoint


Templates, Masters and Slide Layouts
  • Work with masters (slide, notes, handouts)
  • Create a custom slide layout
  • Divide a presentation into sections
  • Create and use a custom template
  • Build a custom colour scheme
Pictures, Objects and Drawings
  • The format ribbon
  • Display and use the selection pane
  • Compress images
  • Convert text to SmartArt
  • Convert SmartArt to text/shapes
Working with Multimedia
  • Incorporating videos and sound into the
  • Using the video and audio tools
  • Insert a screen recording (2013/2016)
Animation & Transition Effects
  • Custom Animations
  • Set a motion path
  • Define the order of animation
  • Emphasise objects
  • Change timings
  • Animating charts & diagrams
Advanced Slide Show Techniques
  • Slide show settings & timings
  • Action buttons & hyperlinks
  • Create custom shows
  • Presenter view
  • Delivery techniques
  • Package a presentation
  • Create a video from the presentation
Collaborate with Others
  • Insert slides from another presentation
  • Working with Comments
  • Compare and merge presentations
Integrate with Other Applications
  • Import / Export to Word
  • Copy / Link information from other applications
  • Insert screen shots and clips
  • Export slides as pictures
PowerPoint Customisation
  • Ribbon
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • PowerPoint options

Topics not what you require? Mix and match the topics with PowerPoint Introduction or PowerPoint Intermediate courses. For more information or to book a course contact us.