Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Training Course

Course length – 1 day


It is recommended that delegates have attended the Introduction course or that they are confident with the topics contained on that course.


  • Create and work with presentations confidently
  • Working with text
  • Change the presentation slide master
  • Work with graphics, objects & the drawing tools
  • Insert & modify tables, charts & SmartArt
  • Use the different PowerPoint views
  • Printing techniques
  • Set up a presentation as a slide show


  • PowerPoint ribbons & backstage view
  • Navigation & selection techniques
  • Slide layouts
  • Working with different views
  • Editing & changing slides
  • Drawing tools
Working with Slides
  • Add/delete/move/copy slides
  • Create speaker notes
  • Display rulers, gridlines & guides
  • Insert slides from other presentations
  • Main slide format
  • Changing the slide design
  • Use different slide backgrounds
Working with Text
  • Change case
  • Customise bullet & number lists
  • Tabulation
  • Paragraph & Line Spacing
  • Find & Replace
  • Controlling Spell check & AutoCorrect
  • Changing text into a WordArt shape
PowerPoint Slide Masters
  • Make formatting changes that affect more than one slide
  • Add objects (logo) to a master
Drawing, Objects & Graphics
  • Create, change & format shapes
  • Drawing tips & techniques
  • Manipulating objects (grouping, aligning, distributing, duplicating, rotating)
  • Move/copy a graphic/object
Tables, Charts & SmartArt
  • Insert, change & format a table
  • Add & change charts
  • SmartArt diagrams
  • Create an organisation chart
  • Slides, outlines, handouts and notes
  • Printing options
  • Add headers & footers
Set up a Presentation as a Slide Show
  • Navigate through a show
  • Transitions
  • Simple animations


Click here to view the PowerPoint Introduction outline or PowerPoint Advanced outline.

Topics not what you require? Mix and match the topics with PowerPoint Introduction or Advanced course(s). For more information or to book a course contact us.